Services & Benefits

Lawthority has created an offering that will streamline imperfections in the legal market. Through a bespoke approach to client engagement, communication and retention, Lawthority and its partners develop long-term loyalty with brand enhancement through innovative LegalTech solutions.

A major component of Lawthority’s success is attention to detail, which allows a full understanding of its clients’ needs in order to plan and develop new services and products to meet them.

Lawthority is all about efficiently generating and executing cases which it does while managing risk in the following ways:

  • Managing and defining the processes for approving cases.
  • Managing client and case acquisition.
  • Implementing transparency with software to enable performance monitoring for enhanced efficiency, improve visibility to stakeholders and enable better communication between parties.
  • Creating a balanced pool of different case types.
  • Investing in a large number of cases with different risk profiles for mitigation.
  • Working with Solicitors Regulation Authority (‘SRA’) regulated law firms.
  • Providing suitable After the Event (‘ATE’) insurance policies from an FCA regulated broker to insure adverse costs and disbursement.
  • Working in areas of law with established precedent to minimize complexity.




Lawthority provides software solutions which automate multiple areas of the business requiring management.

Setting up scheduled meetings, tasks, document management, and legal time and billing can be automated to reduce the time that lawyers spend on these.

Aside from freeing time, it can also reduce the cost that a law firm would pay if they hired an assistant or office manager to do these administrative tasks.


Ease of Reach

Although lawyers have adapted to the Internet and have added it to their research methods, many still use printed materials regularly.

Some of these materials can take a while to be updated and, as the law is always changing, it is best to use an online legal research platform that helps lawyers stay up to date with the law, providing them with tools that are otherwise unavailable in hard copy.


Adapting to change

British courts have utilized electronic court filing for years now, and many believe there will come a time when it becomes mandatory.

To help ease into this transition, lawyers and law firms will need to start utilizing litigation support software, if they haven’t already.

Litigation support software aims to assist lawyers in the process of litigation and document review and is an aspect of legal tech that improves productivity and significantly reduces costs.


Better customer experience

Now more than ever, it is critical for a law firm or lawyer to keep their clients happy.

Even if they provide the best legal work in their area, if customers are not satisfied with the overall service that they received, there is unlikely to be repeat business.

Customer satisfaction should be a top priority for lawyers, and legal tech makes this easier for firms to achieve. Software that specializes in e-mail marketing helps firms reach out to clients quickly and efficiently to keep them engaged.