Lawthority is focused on developing the following parts of its business in parallel.

Outsourced case management

Providing operational support services to solicitors, barristers and claims management companies (allowing firms to streamline costs by using appropriately priced resources for elements of the workload that do not require a legal qualification).


Consumer litigation funding

Directly sourcing and managing consumer litigation cases in areas of law where there is an opportunity to leverage process efficiency to pursue a portfolio of cases where there is a high chance of damages, but where the claim value may be prohibitively low. 


Lawthority has considerable experience in providing technical solutions to law firms seeking to streamline case admin and improve productivity. 

However, in the face of a rapid increase in the potential number of consumer compensation claims for various types of mis-sold financial products, the business needs to scale quickly and is raising debt capital to accelerate growth, adequately resource an increasing case load and to continue the development of its proprietary case management software platform.

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