Welcome to Lawthority - we are as much about business as we are about law.

Efficiently Generating and Executing Cases

Lawthority allows traditional law firms to become more profitable, while meeting the growing demands of today’s consumer.

Lawthority evolved from a long overdue need to disrupt and modernise the legal sector by increasing innovation and technological advancement. Our services epitomise efficiency: from end-to-end software, process systems, facilitating visibility, control and real-time monitoring.

We recognise that solicitors become solicitors to practise law, not to be a marketing manager, an accountant, HR manager or a product development unit. We apply our skill, experience and technological systems to continually expand our understanding of our clients’ needs and the best ways to meet them. We believe in working collaboratively to provide the best possible service without interruption.

Based in our Lancaster office, our team of multiskilled professionals are responsible for developing and delivering the Lawthority genetic code of high-quality services and processes. Lawthority’s goal is to bring stakeholders together within an efficient and effective ecosystem, adding improvement to the entire legal sector.

Lord Razzell - Chairman

When someone studies law, I am sure they don’t do so thinking that 65-75% of their time will be taken up finding clients, navigating regulations, managing administration and providing HR support.

On the most part, solicitors study law to become lawyers and champion the cause of the wronged.  The reality for many is the former.  Whilst, for some, it might be a little difficult to feel sorry for the solicitor, it is the client, the member of the public, that needs your sympathy.

Clients need good advice, they need to know they are important and not an inconvenience.  They also need an arrangement which will help them pay for the right advice especially now their access to justice has been limited with the demise of Legal Aid.

Welcome to Lawthority.  Lawthority provide a range of services to enable the law firm in turn to offer a better service, both in terms of meeting their own needs as well as their clients’.