Providing innovative solutions to the UK legal services sector

What We Offer

Technologically, the world has progressed enormously since the turn of the millennium. The rapid development of online systems, algorithms and automated processes have meant we can now bank, shop, plan and invest all via a few clicks and swipes on a mobile device.

But the legal system in general, is seriously lagging behind. If law firms are to survive the increasingly complex, fast paced and demanding conditions involved in providing legal services, they need to explore and implement new ways of working, centred upon the use of advanced legal technology (’legal tech’) and processes.

By adopting this technology, law firms can focus on offering high quality advice and cost-effective solutions to achieve justice for their clients.

This is where Lawthority steps in.

Lawthority provides innovative solutions to the UK legal services sector which are at the forefront of legal tech. The solutions allow law firms to become more profitable, while meeting the growing demands of today’s consumer.

Among the legal tech solutions Lawthority offers are the following:

Lawthority finds and engages new clients and provides legal funding to run cases, meaning that the service is provided on a “no win, no fee” basis.

Business Modelling

We look at the law firm’s business and how new working practices could improve the efficiency by which their casework and clients could benefit and to increase the profitability of the firm.

Where appropriate we look to introduce new casework from our portfolio.


Legal Process Outsourcing

We can provide the full administrative and customer support service to enable the law firm to manage their growing client/case bank.


No win, no fee

Today’s clients expect a no win, no fee or similar arrangement.  This puts pressure on the law firm’s cash flow.  For work we have modelled, new casework we have introduced and for selected law firms, we offer our services on a payment plan to mirror their payment cycle.



We enable the law firm to acquire new clients by designing, managing and executing marketing campaigns to reach their target audiences.