Our team

It is as much about business as it is about law.

When someone studies law, I am sure they don’t do so thinking that 65-75% of their time will be taken up finding clients, navigating regulations, managing administration and providing HR support.
On the most part, solicitors study law to become lawyers and champion the cause of the wronged.  The reality for many is the former.  Whilst, for some, it might be a little difficult to feel sorry for the solicitor, it is the client, the member of the public, that needs your sympathy.

Clients need good advice, they need to know they are important and not an inconvenience.  They also need an arrangement which will help them pay for the right advice especially now their access to justice has been limited with the demise of Legal Aid.

Welcome to Lawthority.  Lawthority provide a range of services to enable the law firm in turn to offer a better service, both in terms of meeting their own needs as well as their clients’.

Lord Razzall, Chairman

Our team is as much about business as it is about law.  Solicitors become solicitors to practise law, not to be a Marketing Manager, an Accountant, HR Manager, Admin Manager or a research and development unit.

Meet Lawthority.  A team dedicated to helping legal practices practise law.  Our team is headed by our Board and Operations management team:

Lord Razzall – (Chairman)

Tim Razzall is a qualified solicitor who was a Partner and then Chief Executive of Frere Cholmeley Bischoff.  He left the firm in 1995 to launch his own corporate finance business.  Tim is a Director of several businesses and has a lifetime of experience in the law, finance and politics.  He was made a Life Peer in 1997 and is an active Parliamentarian with particular interests in Trade and Industry policy as well as Intellectual Property.  He brings wide experience of good governance and business practice as well as a desire to see innovation in the legal sector.

Andrew Neal (Chief Financial Officer)

Andrew spent 15 years working in finance roles for Unilever.  After that he was CFO and COO for Lancaster University where he oversaw one of the biggest investment programs in the Higher Education sector re-defining the Lancaster University Financial Strategy.  As part of a small senior group, Andrew led strategy development for the University, helping to establish Lancaster in the top 10 Universities in the UK.  Andrew has a deep working knowledge in complex organisations in both the private and ‘not for profit’ sectors (including the legal sector).  Andrew will act as CFO for the Company.

Xavier Rodriguez (Director of Business Development)

Xavier has worked in the legal sector and in financial services for more than 15 years. He has a wealth of experience in developing new business models for the legal sector and successfully implementing the processes, teams and relationships required to both acquire the volume of cases needed and to deliver (cost) effective management from start to finish.  He will take responsibility for business development, including case acquisition, and for process design and implementation.

Oliver Grills (Director)

Oliver has been a partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants for more than 10 years.  Having trained and qualified in Liverpool he was appointed partner in 2005 and now runs his own practice with offices in Southport and Lancaster.  He has worked extensively with a variety of business types as both Statutory Auditor and business advisor and has particular experience within legal and professional services firms and within the financial services sector.

Alexander Cowan–Sanluis (Director)

Alex has an entrepreneurial tech background, having co-founded two companies which are in operation today. He has built a successful fintech platform for IFAs that helps manage £250M+ while also launching a consumer facing personal finance app, allowing people to do everything from opening ISAs and pensions to getting mortgage or insurance products. Prior to this, Alex opened the EMEA and APAC offices for a US cybersecurity company, helping to establish the company internationally. He is a graduate of Imperial College Business School. He is keen to develop the synergies between the legal and financial sectors and to help the company develop its technology platforms.